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Is Your Home Prepared for A Healthy Summer?

Summer’s coming fast, and along with laid-back summer fun will come uncomfortably warm weather and a whole host of outdoor allergens that can put a damper on things. You can’t do much about the weather, but a few key upgrades…

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Stay Safe With the Right Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Choosing a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission cites “Carbon monoxide as the leading cause of gas poisoning death in the U.S.” “Thousands of cases of illness and death could be prevented if all residents had…

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Furnace or Heat Pump? Which One Should You Choose?

The temperatures are dropping and there’s nothing better than coming into a nice warm house after freezing in the crisp, cold air. Some people LOVE winter and the icy temperature it brings, but nobody wants their house to be freezing.…

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Does a Heat Pump Make Sense For Your Home?

Summer seems to have flown by here in Door County, and temperatures are already starting to drop. As cooler weather settles in, you may be thinking about how you’ll keep your home warm this winter and wondering whether it’s time…

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