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Budget Your Maintenance Needs and Maintain Your Equipment Regularly with Wulf Brothers Service Plans

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Count on us to keep your system running efficiently, safely & reliably!

Your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and systems are made up of mechanical equipment with many moving parts. Like cars and trucks, they need regular maintenance to keep them running reliably, efficiently and safely, while avoiding problems that lead to more expensive repairs, breakdowns and unsafe operating conditions

Wulf Brothers Annual Service Plans:

  • • Ensure peak operating efficiency and energy cost savings
  • • Make sure your entire system is operating safely
  • • Extend the life of your equipment
  • • Avoid costly and uncomfortable breakdowns
  • • Keep your warranties valid
  • • Improve indoor air quality
  • • Cost less than non-maintenance plan service calls
  • • Provides worry-free scheduled service

Gold Maintenance Plan

Annual Plan

Heating Systems
• Inspect and adjust burners as needed
• Check for proper blower assembly operation
• Safety inspection of heat exchanger integrity
• Verify proper venting and purge motor operation
• Inspect electrical connections and igniter integrity
• Clean and check condensate drain lines
• Replace/Install std. 1” filter (furnaces & air handlers)
• Check for proper zone valve operation
• Inspect expansion tank, aqua-stat & relays (boilers)
• Cycle furnace boiler for proper sequence of operation
• Inform, advise owner on any recommendation or repair

Air Conditioning Systems (Separate seasonal service call)
• Clean outdoor condenser unit
• Inspect indoor evaporation coil
• Check for proper refrigerant charge and system leaks
• Verify temperature drop between return and supply
• Check suction line temp. and pressure
• Flush condensate drain as needed
• Inspect start and run capacitors, relays and amp draw
• Inspect, adjust blower & fan integrity for proper air flow

Gold Plan Member Benefits & Savings:
• Priority service at all times
• Clean and check includes 1” standard. filter
• Guaranteed same day emergency service
• 10 % Customer Loyalty discount on needed repair parts.
• One full year warranty on all replacement parts
• Service call credited toward equipment replacement when needed
• Manufacturers’ warranties kept valid
• Less expensive than non-maintenance plan call for same service
• Peace of Mind for your home’s comfort system
• Inform and advise on any recommendations or repairs

Platinum Maintenance Plan

Annual Plan With Enhanced Service Benefits

Heating Systems
Includes all services and benefits in the Gold Maintenance Plan, PLUS:
• Customer-directed priority scheduling
• High density pleated 1” filter replacement
• Thoroughly clean blower wheel as needed
• Carbon monoxide testing
• Combustion analyzer efficiency testing and tune-up on primary gas fired HVAC equipment

Air Conditioning Systems
(Separate seasonal service call)
Includes all services and benefits in the Gold Maintenance Plan, PLUS:
• Customer-directed priority scheduling
• Clean indoor evaporator coil as accessible
• Inspect and clean blower wheel as needed
• Chemically clean condenser coils
• Anti-fouling condensate treatment
• High density pleated 1” filter replacement

Platinum Plan Member Benefits & Savings
• Includes ALL services and benefits of the Gold Plan Plus:
• Customer directed priority annual service scheduling
• High density pleated 1” filter replacement
• Priority same day Emergency Service
• Two year warranty on all repair and replacement parts
• 50% discount on travel / diagnostic charge for any additional service






Commercial Maintenance Plan

Customized Plans for Your Business

• Inspect HVAC mechanical systems and advise
on maintenance needs
• Provide selective or comprehensive equipment
maintenance plan that may include the following:

All Maintenance Plans Include:
• Inspect, clean and adjust burner operations
• Perform combustion analyzer testing to assure peak efficiencies
• Lubricate motor, fan and pump bearings where appropriate
• Check and clean traps, strainers, valves, etc. as required
• Check and adjust fan motors and drive alignments
• Scheduled fan belt replacements to avoid breakdowns
• Inspect and adjust controls and T-stats as needed
• Check for proper amperage draw on motors and compressors
• Clean and inspect all indoor and outdoor cooling and heating coils
• Check proper refrigerant charge levels
• Provide scheduled filter changes and recommend improved filtration options
• Perform any other recommended maintenance service specific to your business’s equipment and systems

Commercial Maintenance Plan Benefits & Savings
• Ongoing consultation on system improvements, repairs and related recommendations
• 10% discount on all needed parts and repairs
• Full year warranty on all replacement parts
• Significant annual savings in operating costs
• Avoidance of breakdowns & productivity interruptions

Additional Services

Add any of these services to your Gold or Platinum Plans

• Humidifier cleaning and water panel replacement
• Dehumidifier cleaning and operational inspection
• HRV or ERV cleaning and operational service
• Electronic or high density air filter
cleaning or replacements
• UV light air purifier service
• Gas water heater burner service















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