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Beat the Spring Rush for Your Air Conditioning Needs

The Best Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner: Spring vs. Summer.

As the temperatures steadily increase with every passing day, homeowners across the country will begin to turn on their cooling systems just to realize that they need to be replaced. Although sometimes you’ll miss the warning signs that your air conditioner is on its last legs and need to replace it in a pinch, there is an ideal time to replace your air conditioner.

Spring vs. Summer

While you can technically replace your air conditioner at any point during the year, there is a lot of debate surrounding whether the best time to replace your air conditioner is during the spring or the summer. Although the summer seems timely because it’s hot, late spring is actually the best time to replace your air conditioner for several reasons.

Beat the Rush

When you replace your air conditioner during the late spring, you can beat the rush of people calling to have their cooling systems serviced or replaced once the first heat wave hits. We always recommend that homeowners test their cooling systems during the spring, but most people forget until the first scorching day of summer. This can make booking an installation or service appointment tricky, but it also impacts the availability of air conditioners, which can make finding a replacement that meets your needs difficult.

Enjoy Savings

Although in an ideal world you would never have to get a new air conditioner, there are a lot of benefits to upgrading your system, especially during the spring! One of the absolute greatest perks is the savings you’ll enjoy. A new system will be far more efficient right out of the box than your previous one was, and replacing your unit during the spring before the heat arrives means you can get the most savings out of your system possible. Why prolong the inevitable and suffer through high utility bills when you can replace your dated air conditioner and enjoy increased comfort and decreased bills.

Do Your Homework

Planning to replace your air conditioner during the spring when you still have time before you’ll need it every day gives you time to do your homework and find the best system for your home. You’ll have your new system for at least 10 years, so you shouldn’t have to settle for what’s available. Doing your research early and purchasing your system before the rush ensures you’ll get the system you want and be able to enjoy it all summer long.

Ready for a new air conditioner?

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