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Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Gas Fireplace Insert

Purchasing a fireplace insert is not only a long term investment in your home, but it can also result in short-term energy savings, convenience and a beautiful transformation as well. A win-win-win!

1. Save Money and Increase Energy  Efficiency

Fireplace inserts are zone heaters, meaning that they heat specific areas of your home. These areas are typically where people are spending the majority of their time – living rooms, bedrooms, and other common areas. Zone heating allows you to turn down the furnace, which heats your entire home, and focus the heat into these specific areas. Gas fireplaces produce radiant heat warming up everything in the path of the fire to aid in raising the ambient temperature and can be combined with a blower to more effectively heat more of your home.

In addition, open fireplaces are responsible for a significant amount of heat loss. Even with the damper closed warm air can escape your home and cold air can enter. This means you need to continually heat more cold air just to maintain the temperature. A fireplace insert will seal your home and significantly reduce the amount of heat lost. Fireplace inserts help preserve the temperature in the room when not in use and generate warmth and comfort while in use, translating to cost savings without sending you scrambling for a sweater.
With a traditional open masonry fireplace, heat loss can be a real issue. An open wood fire is only around 10-15% efficient, this means that around 85-90% of the heat generated immediately rises through the chimney and outside your home.

Fireplace inserts solve the issue of heat loss by containing everything in a sealed box. This stops drafts from coming in and from heat rising directly out the chimney. In addition a sealed box allows for a much more efficient burn – around 70-75%. This increased efficiency is then directed into your home instead of out the chimney.

2. Super Convenient!
One of the best things about owning a gas fireplace insert is the convenience it affords you. You can turn your fire on with the flick of a switch or the press of a button. No more buying, storing, chopping, and hauling wood logs around!

Gas fireplace inserts can be set to maintain a certain temperature in a room during a specific period of time, or can be programmed to be turned on/off at a specific time. This gives you the ability to walk into a warm home right after work without needing to have the fireplace or furnace running all day! 

Most importantly your remote acts as a portable thermostat. If you have set the fire to a specific temperature it will maintain the temperature based on where you and the remote are sitting. If you move across the room, the fireplace will adjust to ensure the ambient temperature of wherever you are located matches the preset. No more getting up to adjust the thermostat if you are too cold or too hot. Simply set it and forget it!

3. Go Green and Help Reduce Emissions
Many municipalities are banning older wood fires or traditional masonry chimneys due to their negative environmental impact, and are favoring cleaner models with fewer emissions.
Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. A clean burn means there is little to no particulates and very limited emissions. This is why many local governments support changing from older wood burning fireplaces to a gas insert. Many gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts have efficiency ratings in excess of 70%. Help to protect our environment by installing an environmentally friendly gas fireplace insert.

4. Power Outage? No Worries
If a winter storm knocks out power there is no need to worry – you’ll still be nice and warm, even if you are in the dark. Gas fireplaces work safely without electricity. A gas fireplace insert will be able to provide radiant heat, keeping you and your home warm no matter the weather conditions.

5. Transform a Room Without a Major Renovation
Adding a fireplace insert to your home can dramatically transform the visual look of a room without needing to do a major renovation.
The fireplace is the focal point of most rooms. By adding a gas fireplace insert you can experience the warmth and comfort of a fire on a regular basis with the convenience of gas. Designed to fit within your existing masonry, a gas fireplace insert can update your room design without needing to complete full scale renovations.

High-quality fireplace inserts come in a multitude of customizable design options, from traditional to contemporary. Visit Wulf Brothers Sturgeon Bay showroom with its 25+ fireplace displays and choose a gas fireplace insert that will create a lifetime of memories and add new levels of warmth and comfort to your home.

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