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Why Your Door County Home Needs A Wi-Fi Thermostat

If you have a home in Door County, a new Wi-Fi Thermostat is just what you need to keep your home comfortable while saving you money on your energy bills. With the extreme seasons and wild fluctuations in the temperature that can happen in one day, you can control the climate in your home from your tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

In the winter months you can program the thermostat to turn the temperature down during the day while no one is home. But what happens if your child’s school closes or you have a child come home sick? You can bump the temperature back up with just a couple of clicks on your phone.

For those who leave their summer homes for the winter, you can monitor the weather, then adjust the programming if necessary. If something were to go wrong with your heating system, you can receive alerts allowing you to take immediate action to prevent burst pipes or water damage.

If you are looking to replace your old thermostat with a new WI-FI thermostat, the trained professionals at Wulf Brothers will help you select the best WI-FI thermostat for your specific needs, install the system and make sure you know how to use it.

Also known as a smart thermostat, a Wi-Fi thermostat can provide:

  • Reduced energy costs
    AWi-Fi thermostat allows you to program your home’s temperature to match your schedule whether you are home, sleeping, or away, saving you money on your energy costs in the long run. A smart thermostat can also “learn” how to regulate the temperature according to your preferences. Either way the device is programed, it wil adjust itself based on your routines and behaviors.
  • Convenience
    A Wi-Fi thermostat is easily programmable, and you can also control a smart thermostat from your phone, computer, or tablet. For example, if the weather changed since you left home in the morning, you can set your desired temperature before you leave work so your home feels just right when you arrive! You can also set the thermostat on a different programming schedule for each day of the week.
  • Equipment Check and Maintenance Reminders
    Customizable service alerts can be set up to remind you to change the filter in your unit as well as keep a log of any issues that can save time in troubleshooting and points the technician in the right direction if a service call is needed.

Wulf Brothers carries a wide range of wi-fi thermostats including the Honeywell Th8321R1001 Redlink, Honeywell T10 Wifi Thermostat (See Current Rebate), and Ecobee4. Click here to see our full line of thermostats for your home.

We hope this post is helpful!  Call Wulf Brothers today and our professional technicians will assess your needs, recommend the best option, install the unit, and make sure you are comfortable using it. And please check us out on Facebook!

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