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Maintenance Tips

Start your furnace prior to the arrival of cold weather.
If startup problems occur, please call us at 1-800 854-5587.

Furnace Tips

  • Change 1″ furnace filters monthly.
  • Change 4″ wide high efficient filters twice yearly (Spring & Fall).
  • Electronic air cleaner cells and pre-screen filters (found upstream of large cells) should be washed in laundry tub or dishwasher on a monthly basis. Be sure that filters are completely dry before returning to cartridge.
  • Start your furnace prior to the arrival of cold weather. If startup problems occur. Call us at 920-743-5587 or 1-800-854-5587
  • An annual clean and tune-up will also assure continued efficiency and dependability for your furnace and your air conditioner.

Humidifier Tips

  • Replace humidifier pad prior to heating season. This is also a good time to service your air to air exchanger.

Air To Air Exchanger Tips

  • Late Summer/early Fall remove core from air exchanger. Wash in laundry tub, air dry completely and return to air exchanger. Wash or shake out small foam filters. These filters should be removed and cleaned two or three times during the operating season.
  • Do not wash Lossnay core. Simply vacuum the exposed faces of the core carefully with a soft brush attachment and wash the filters.
  • Wipe clean inside of unit seasonally.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Check outside air intake screen for blockages, brush or vacuum away any matted debris.

Central Air Conditioner Tips

  • Test operation of unit prior to arrival of hot weather. Run only long enough to confirm startup. If unit fails to start, check position of thermostat (should be in cooling mode). Check position of breakers in your electrical panel. They must be in the on position. Check fuse located in disconnect box. Disconnect box is located out by A/C unit.
  • Be sure furnace filters are clean.
  • Keep outside condensor coil clean. When unit is not running, take garden hose and flush clean, starting at top of unit and wash down. VERY
  • IMPORTANT: Prior to working on unit go to electrical panel and put A/C breaker in off position.
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