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Get Ready for Spring & Summer With an Air Conditioner Prep Checklist

As summer approaches, it’s time to make sure your air conditioner is still in good working.order. To avoid being stuck without AC during a heat wave, the experts at Wulf Brothers, providing HVAC services to clients in and around the Door County, WI area, recommend using a checklist to prep your air conditioning unit for the season. However, be aware of the fact that outdoor units require a different checklist than indoor ones.

Outdoor Air Conditioner Checklist
If your air conditioning unit is outside of your home, it will be exposed to the elements all year long, at least to some degree. As such, your spring and summer prep checklist should be geared toward addressing any damage your AC could sustain in that environment. The following are key items to include:

• Removing any and all debris from the exterior of your air conditioner
• Inspecting the unit for animal nests
• Inspecting all interior components, including fan and refrigerant pipes, for signs of damage
• Cleaning the exterior of the unit with approved cleaning products

Indoor Air Conditioner Checklist
A unit kept inside of your home or commercial building will be vulnerable to less potential damage than an outdoor one. Yet, there are essential maintenance tasks you must take care of to ensure yours will work reliably this season. They include:

• Replacing your air filters
• Vacuuming away dust from the evaporator coil
• Testing the unit on low settings to ensure there are no performance issues or noticeable sounds

If you do spot any signs of a problem, get in touch with the professionals at Wulf Brothers, serving Door County, WI and surrounding areas, to schedule repair service. They’ll make sure you’re ready for the warm days ahead. Contact them online to learn more about what they do or call (920) 743-5587.

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