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Whole House Humidifier Creates A Healthy and Energy Efficient Home

When you hear “humidifier,” the first thought that comes to mind is probably the portable variety installed in individual rooms during the winter months to keep moisture in your indoor air. But there’s another type that takes up less space and doesn’t require you to keep refilling its water tank, to boot. This humidifier is installed right into your central heating and cooling system.

Meant for your entire home rather than select rooms, a whole house humidifier comes with many benefits. The team at Wulf Brothers provides HVAC installations, heating repair, and maintenance, among other services, explains three of these benefits:

Your Health: Without proper moisture in the air, your own health can experience some pesky side effects; dry air can cause allergies to act up, sinuses and throats to dry up, and skin to crack. Dry air is also a breeding ground for flu and viruses, making your immune system vulnerable putting you at risk for falling ill. While you can’t control contracting viruses when you’re outside the house, you can certainly take preventative measures inside your home by installing a humidifier in your central heating and cooling system.

Energy Efficiency: Installing a humidifier in your central heating and cooling system helps you feel warm at lower temperatures, so you are more likely to find that you don’t need to crank up your thermostat as high during colder months. This leads to considerable savings in energy (and heating bills), allowing you to be more frugal and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Damage Prevention: When the air becomes dry inside of a house, a lot of its infrastructure, from wooden floors to painted walls, can risk getting damaged. Those structural materials need a certain amount of humidity to last longer. While portable humidifiers can temporarily retain moisture in individual rooms, they aren’t as efficient in doing so as whole house humidifiers, which you can get as part of your new HVAC installation or even as an add-on to the central heating and cooling system you already have.

Whether you’re looking to get a whole house humidifier, are looking at air quality solutions, are in need an HVAC installation, or heating repair, the Wulf Brothers team can help you with all your heating and cooling needs by providing quality at the core of their service each time. Call (920)493-3370 for more information or visit the website.

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