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6 Simple Ways for Lowering Air Conditioning & Heating Bills

Finding ways to save money on your household can help stretch your valuable dollars. Cutting your heating and AC costs is one way to keep money in your wallet longer. Wulf Brothers would like to share a few simple tricks and tips to follow that will help reduce your heating and air conditioner bills each season.

Use Programmable Thermostats
Using a programmable thermostat allows you to set your home’s temperature to suit your lifestyle. Creating a schedule so that heaters and AC units aren’t running when no one is home saves energy and reduces your monthly bills.

Schedule Regular Maintenance
Keeping your heating and AC unit in good shape prolongs its efficiency, which you can do by staying on top of heating and cooling repairs. Check the filters, and clean out any clogs or dust. Well-maintained equipment doesn’t have to work as hard and will keep the energy bills manageable. And, don’t neglect your outside equipment. Keep HVAC units clear of items and dirt. Make sure nothing is blocking any vents. After landscaping your property, remove any grass clippings or debris, so nothing disrupts the flow of air.

Seal Your Home
Don’t let energy escape from drafty windows and doors. Check seals and repair any holes or gaps. If your air conditioner or heater is running, make sure the doors and windows are closed to keep the heat or cool air inside and extreme temperatures outside.

Use Fans
Open the windows and circulate air with fans during the summer, especially in rooms on the second level. This constant air movement will lessen the need for the air conditioner to continuously run.

Lower or Raise Inside Temperatures
A degree or two higher in summer or lower in the winter won’t make much of a difference for your indoor temperature, but it will shave off a few dollars from your bill. Consider wearing layers, especially socks, to stay comfortable in winter.

Utilize the Sunlight in Winter or Window Coverings in Summer
Even though the temperatures are high in summer, making sure your windows are covered when you leave the house will reduce the need for your AC to run as much during the day.  In the winter, the sun’s rays still provide warmth. Use this natural light, and keep the sunshine flowing inside. This will reduce your need to run the furnace as much during the day in winter.

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