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Heating and Air Conditioning Service Plans

  • Clean and check, tune-up of your heating and/or cooling equipment
  • Safety inspection
  • Prompt priority service
  • Get years of equipment peak performance
  • 10% discount on emergency and repair labor
  • 10% discount on service parts
  • Prompt priority service
  • Worry-free, automatically scheduled maintenance

Gold Maintenance Plan

Annual Plan

Heating Systems
• Inspect and adjust burners as needed
• Check for proper blower assembly operation
• Safety inspection of heat exchanger integrity
• Verify proper venting and purge motor operation
• Inspect electrical connections and igniter integrity
• Clean and check condensate drain lines
• Replace/Install std. 1” filter (furnaces & air handlers)
• Check for proper zone valve operation
• Inspect expansion tank, aqua-stat & relays (boilers)
• Cycle furnace boiler for proper sequence of operation
• Inform, advise owner on any recommendation or repair

Air Conditioning Systems (Separate seasonal service call)
• Clean outdoor condenser unit
• Inspect indoor evaporation coil
• Check for proper refrigerant charge and system leaks
• Verify temperature drop between return and supply
• Check suction line temp. and pressure
• Flush condensate drain as needed
• Inspect start and run capacitors, relays and amp draw
• Inspect, adjust blower & fan integrity for proper air flow

Gold Plan Member Benefits & Savings:
• Priority service at all times
• Clean and check on your equipment includes 1” std. filter
• Guaranteed same day emergency service
• 10 % Customer Loyalty discount on any needed repair parts.
• One full year warranty on all replacement parts
• Service call credited toward equipment replacement when needed
• Manufacturers’ warranties kept valid
• Less expensive than non-maintenance plan call for same service
• Peace of Mind for your home’s comfort system
• Inform and advise on any recommendations or repairs

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